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Last updated: 12/07/2013

NOTE 1: Dear recruiters, please do not send me e-mails about that exciting opportunity at a high-frequency trading firm located in the Chicago or New York area, offering competitive pay to outstanding performers. And, I will most definitely *not* e-mail you my latest resume, even if I am interested; and clearly not in Word format... sheesh! I will most likely not answer, but especially so if your e-mail is generic and does not explicitly describe how what you propose can be meaningful to me.

NOTE 2: I am not really looking for a job or any other involvement unless I have contacted you explicitly. Still, I am always interested in discussing opportunities that may have gone under my radar. If you feel you have a compelling proposition, then by all means do contact me and I may respond. I am more likely to respond if the opportunity requires less of my time and offers more impact (broadly speaking). In any case, please read my resume carefully and ask yourself whether you would think the proposal is interesting if you were in my shoes.

Hristo Bojinov (

Objectives: To make the world a better place. To challenge myself. To apply my abilities to areas of unique fit. To seek high responsibility---high payoff situations.

Profile: A highly capable and motivated researcher, engineer and entrepreneur. Deep and broad experience in software development (mobile, embedded systems, high performance, servers, applications, Internet). Solid foundations in theoretical Computer Science and Math. Broad, cross-functional interests and skills spanning all aspects of running a business.

Employment Highlights

2013- Chief Executive Officer at Anfacto. We specialize in customizing Android. We undertake large consulting projects as well as build our own products. Our latest product is called FleetOS and powers special-purpose mobile devices.

2010-2013 Chief Security Officer at 3LM. Security aspects (and beyond) of 3LM technology. Mobile platform development, cloud and enterprise server software.

2010 Google Android. Research on platform security. Address space layout randomization (ASLR) and attack detection. Storage encryption.

2009 Facebook Site Integrity. Automated analysis of massive amounts of user activity data. Real-time IP address intelligence.

2006-2008 Sr Manager, Engineering at Decru, A NetApp Company. Architecture and development of the KM500 key management appliance, all UI development at the company, and all Core Technology (crypto engines, smartcard development, configuration database, and more). Transfer of technology from Decru into NetApp product line.

2004-2006 Manager, Engineering at Decru, A NetApp Company. Several major releases of NAS storage encryption appliance; an end-point security product; and a key management software product.

2002-2004 Software Engineer at Decru, Inc. Founding engineering team member. Shipped the NFS subsystem of the NAS product through several major releases (developed from scratch). Developed and owned several other modules in the product: crypto interface, rekeying logic.

2000-2002 Software Engineer at Oracle Inc. Built highly scalable application servers for wireless mobile clients.

1997-1999 Xerox PARC, and SGI. Projects ranging from message routing in the Origin 2000 NUMA system, to automated Verilog verification, to modular reconfigurable robots.


Stanford University, PhD in Computer Science
Stanford University, MS in Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BSc in Computer Science, GPA 5.0/5.0

Special Honors

The items listed in this section are just for your general reference. I assume search engines will like them too. Other than that, I dislike throwing keywords at people..

Computer languages: Expert in C. I have also done extensive work in Java and C++ in the past. I have used various scripting languages as needed: Python, Perl, PHP, etc. I have used SQL in many projects. I have programmed in assembly since 7th grade (but not much recently). I have done projects in a number of more or less obscure languages that I won't list here. Recently I used Hadoop and Hive for large-dataset processing tasks. I have also developed iPhone applications and am currently working deep in the guts of the Android platform (if you find my surgical clamp in there one day, please return it to me).

Human languages: Fluent in English and Bulgarian. I won't bore you with the rest of my linguistic dabblings.

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