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For several years, on and off, I have dabbled in 3D printing. To download and order printed items is something trivial these days, however my interest is in the [relatively simple] 3D modeling formats in use. I started out using SketchUp but eventually found it to be restrictive. The only artifact remaining from those days is this compiled X3G file, ready to print on a FlashForge printer (note: I have the older FlashForge with a frame made out of wood; your results on newer models currently available may vary).

Compiled X3G file for printing a ship on a FlashForge printer (Side note: never trust compiled code. You have been warned. Read this classic write-up for reference.)

My next step was to generate STL files directly. Building a surface is relatively simple, and you can use the following C code to try that out.

C code to convert a surface height matrix into a STL file for 3D printing (read the code for usage details)

Lately I like describing shapes in the OpenSCAD language which has support for set operations (intersect, subtract, union, etc.) as well as loops etc. Here is the code to generate a brick compatible with the Lego Duplo line. The brick is hollow to allow for some further experimentation that a will not go into right now.

OpenSCAD code to generate a two-part 4x2 Duplo-compatible brick


Batch AVI to MP4 on Windows


Way back when, in the days when you had to line up and wait in order to work on a computer in Bulgaria, some teenagers decided to build an adventure game. Here it is, direct from the archives. (Runs in 16-bit MS-DOS mode. Mostly in Bulgarian. Once in the interactive part of the game, to quit press Esc, select "Quit", then press "D"---not that you would ever want to leave...)

Hovering Castle game

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